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General map of local area of in the south of Bavaria, on the northern slopes of the alps.

Interactive map

Topographic 3D map



200 households. Kempten is a small town and the local center of power. Kempten Abbey was founded around 700 AD by two Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Saint Gall, Magnus von Füssen and Theodor In 1213, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II declared the abbots members of the Reichstag and granted the abbot the right to bear the title of Duke.

Abbey of Saint Gall

Current abbot: Ulrich of Sax, Lord of Hohensax and first Prince-Abbot (Duke).



150 households. Closest town with a license to hold market.

Burgruine Fluhenstein

Small castle (fortified manor) of the local Krüger family



75 households. Surrounded by the Allgäu alps, Oberstdorf is located at 800 meters above sea level. Surrounding the valleys are a number of peaks raising to as much as 2500 meters. Oberstdorf is the main villeage in area, and home to a small church. Four other small villages lies nearby (see below).

The river Breitach originates is this area, and flows into the Iller and later into the Danube, which finally reaches the Black Sea, several thousand kilometers to the east.
The rivers is a good place to fish for trout, grayling and pike.

Panorama picture of Oberstdorf, looking east towards the covenant:


50 households.


45 households.


35 households.


35 households. Known for it's sulphur spring


25 households.

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